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The Full Story


Lissey's Boutique is a family owned and operated business.  We opened this online store in hopes of one day opening a physical location.  As a family we like to work together and spend time with one another.  My daughter is autistic and is the inspiration for this business.  The world needs to know that autistic children can achieve as much as other children.  I am a college graduate and oversee the day to day, but, I teach her along the way. 


Our mission is to raise money and awareness for Autism. We are currently working on shirts for autism awareness and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every Autism Awareness shirt to the Autism Speaks Foundation.  


Our vision is to grow this company to show the world that Autistic children can in fact do great things in this world.  I am blessed to have the daughter that I have and wouldn't change her for the world. 

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